Seller of Christmas Parol/Lantern from the Philippines made of C

October 16, 2012 | Posted by thetstariray

Hello mga Kababayans!
We are selling Christmas Parol made of Capiz from Pampanga in 110 volts. 
Available in 24\", 27\", 30\" and 32\" in diameter
We have various designs that you can choose
All our Christmas Parol/Lanterns are made of Capiz, with various lights effect (slow, fast,steady)
if you are interested, you can call me at (562)2151044
and we can ship your order wherever you are in the USA

buy your lanterns now to reminisce Christmas in the Philippines. 
Educate your USA-grown up kids about the story/importance of Filipino Parol in our culture.

thank you


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Lory How much is the price for the christmas parol
Dec 2, 2012 reply