To My Friends Who Speak The Filipino Language:

January 20, 2015

Thousands of languages have already died due to lack of proper usage. Let's keep the Filipino language alive. Let's not allow text messaging habits to kill the national language of one hundred million Filipinos.

Text messaging is no longer expensive. For smartphone users, it's free. So let's text the words properly. For the sake of the nation, let's take the risk of being called old-fashioned.

For example: say kasi instead of kc; say kayo instead of kau; say kumusta instead of mzta; say sige instead of cg; say baka instead of bk; and, say muna instead of mn.

Every advanced country is trying to make their national language digitally translatable to other languages. However, unaware of the danger, we are doing the opposite - through our texting habit, we're making Filipino almost impossible to correctly translate. I believe this is hurting us in the new global market.

If we keep messaging the cryptic way, the national Filipino language could become irrelevant in one generation. Let's not be the generation that killed the Filipino language.

Ray Colorado

Originally published on Facebook January 20, 2015