Introducing Speedtype

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Beginning this August, we are fortunate to be able to provide Speedtype as a permanent fixture of our site. Speedtype is an excellent training software in keyboarding. It has proven itself capable of training users up to a professional level performance. Now you get to use it and it's FREE!

How Speedtype Began

When I was in Seattle some 25 years ago I met immigrants who could not get a job because they couldn't type. Some were public school teachers in the Philippines and, being a teacher's pet when I was in elementary, I was determined to help them out.

And there were others who could type 30 words-per-minute, but that was not fast enough to meet American employers' standard of 60 words-per-minute.

The challenge was how to train them to type, fast and accurate, in the shortest time possible. And also at the lowest cost possible. Trying to meet this challenge led to the creation of Speedtype.

My favorite story is that of a Filipina who, after training with Speedtype, applied for a job at Sears. She was given a typing test and scored 60 words-per-minute, with accuracy of 100 percent. Sears told her no one had done that before and hired her that same day. She immediately called me at home to break the news. "May trabaho na ako!" she screamed on the phone.

One part of Speedtype provides training in keypad or 10-key. In the 1980s the standard requirement for jobs requiring 10-key skills was 10,000 keystrokes-per-hour. As Speedtype capability evolved with each upgrade, it helped students build their keypad skill, to 12,000 keystrokes-per-hour, in only 20 hours of hands-on training. This was a radical reduction in training time, and a big help to job seekers with no previous office experience.

Not Just for Grown Ups

Later, when I had an opportunity to teach computer skills to children. I revised the program to make it appealing to younger kids. Soon some kids were typing 65 words-per-minute.

My son, Hexel, started using Speedtype when he was 8 years old. He learned to type 80 words-per-minute with 95 percent accuracy. With that typing skill he found it easier to learn programming, with languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Another young kid, Jolex, a friend Hexel, also mastered keyboarding while still in elementary. He also trained on Speedtype. According to his parents, his fast typing allowed him to finish his school assignments faster. The time he saved allowed him more time to attend church youth activities.

When Jolex entered high school, he was not exempted from the one year keyboarding course. However, by simply demonstrating his advanced skill, the teacher assured him a straight A throughout the year. He was also allowed to use the computer lab time to work on his other school assignments.

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