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AFP: Disappointed Filipinos cry foul as Pacquiao loses
Boxing fans in the Philippines cried foul and groaned in bitter disappointment on Sunday as national hero Manny Pacquiao lost to American rival Floyd Mayweather in the "fight of the century". Filipinos filled gymnasiums, cinemas and bars as the Southeast Asian nation of 100 million people stopped for Pacquiao's battle with Mayweather in Las Vegas, which he lost in a unanimous points decision.
AFP: Muslim rebels, Filipino soldiers to watch Pacquiao match
In a rare common cause, both rebels and soldiers in the war-torn southern Philippines will watch local boxing icon Manny Pacquiao take on Floyd Mayweather, with hopes that Sunday's mega-bout will bring a brief respite from violence.
BBC: China eyes growing Japanese influence
The important new defence guidelines agreed with Washington give Japan roles in new areas like cybersecurity and space. But they also broaden the remit of Japan's armed forces, enabling them to operate with the US and other allies in new ways that are not restricted to the narrow and direct defence of Japanese territory itself.
USA Today: Japanese prime minister stands by apologies for Japan's WWII abuses
Our actions brought suffering to the peoples in Asian countries," Abe said, speaking in English. "We must not avert our eyes from that. I will uphold the views expressed by the previous prime ministers in this regard."
CBSNews: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Boxing's richest fight, ever
A couple thousand people, mostly Filipinos, turned out at a rally for their countryman - eight-time world champion Pacquiao. Even more fans turned out to cheer undefeated champ Mayweather.
New York Times: Japan and U.S. Set New Rules for Military Cooperation
WASHINGTON ? President Obama and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan have reached an accord to tighten defense cooperation and are pressing toward an agreement to tear down trade barriers between their two countries and across the Pacific Rim, as both leaders move to counter rising economic and military threats from China.
Reuters: China maritime tensions dominate Southeast Asia summit
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Southeast Asian leaders edged closer to open criticism of China's land reclamation in the disputed South China Sea at a regional summit on Monday, as the Philippines drew the ire of Beijing which called its objections to the work "unreasonable".
Reuters: China 'extremely concerned' by ASEAN statement on disputed sea
BEIJING (Reuters) - China's foreign ministry said on Tuesday that it was "extremely concerned" after leaders of Southeast Asian countries expressed worry about land reclamation and navigational freedom in the disputed South China Sea.
Oxford University Press: The evolution of Taiwan statehood
Taiwan easily satisfies the traditional requirements for statehood: a permanent population, effective control over a territory, a government, and the capacity to interact with other states. Yet the realities of global power politics have kept Taiwan from being recognized as such.
The Telegraph: Windows 10 release date: When is Microsoft?s new operating system coming out?
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system is expected to launch in late July, according to the latest leaks.
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