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Business Insider: Manny Pacquiao's trainer explains how Pacquiao can beat Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather's signature shoulder roll, where he guards his body with his left arm, deflects punches with his left shoulder, and counters with his right hand, can be exploited by a southpaw like Pacquaio, Roach says.
Yahoo! News: Pacquiao's hand speed will earn win, says Roach
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Superior hand speed will give Manny Pacquiao a decisive edge over American Floyd Mayweather in their heavily anticipated megafight in Las Vegas next week, says the Filipino southpaw's trainer Freddie Roach.
Yahoo! News: Pacquiao, Roach scheme on plan for Mayweather's defense
Pacquiao is betting on aggression, activity and punch volume to defeat Mayweather, according to the fighter and his longtime trainer. The eight-division world champion has trained fiercely to fight 12 rounds of nonstop offense against the pre-eminent defensive fighter of his generation.
The National Interest: China's South China Sea Disaster:
Hanoi and Manila appear willing to formalize their cooperation, which should be a worrying thought for Beijing, since this cooperation signals that Southeast Asian nations are now becoming more unified in their opposition to Beijing?s South China Sea policies.
ABCNews: Armenia Marks Centennial of Killing of 1.5 Million
(AP) The presidents of Russia and France joined other leaders Friday at ceremonies commemorating the massacre 100 years ago of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks, an event which remains a diplomatic sore point for both sides.
Yahoo! News: Philippine military says Chinese ship took aggressive action
MANILA, Philippines (AP) ? A Chinese ship acted aggressively against a Philippine military plane on patrol over waters claimed by Manila in the disputed South China Sea, a military spokesman said Friday. He said the incident happened close to Subi Reef, which is near Pag-asa Island, also called Thitu Island, which is occupied by Filipinos.
ABCNews: Home > U.S. Oklahoma Admits Oil and Gas Industry Responsible for Dramatic Rise in Earthquakes
For the first time in the state's history, Oklahoma?s state government officially recognized the long held scientific consensus linking the disposal of oil and gas wastewater with the record number of earthquakes plaguing it in recent years.
Yahoo! News: China defends vessels' actions against Philippines in South China Sea
(Reuters) Filipino fishermen said that China's coast guard boarded their fishing boats and threw away fish catch and fishing gear last week after spraying them with water in a disputed shoal in the South China Sea.
Yahoo! News: Philippines seeks more military aid from US to counter China
San Antonio (Philippines) (AFP) - The Philippines said Tuesday it would soon ask the United States for more military equipment and training to build its defences, as it faces Chinese "aggressiveness" in disputed waters.
Yahoo! News: Manila 'cute little submissive' of US: China media
Beijing (AFP) - The Philippines is nothing more than the "cute little submissive" of the United States, a Chinese tabloid with close ties to the ruling Communist Party said on Tuesday, criticising Manila for military exercises with Washington.
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