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VOA: Unequal Growth Poses Challenge for Philippines
MANILA/JAKARTA? The Philippines may surpass China to be Asia's fastest growing economy this year, but its bigger challenge is working out how to sustain and share the gains of the past five years to secure longer-term prosperity.
CNN: How the Philippines saved 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust
(CNN) About 1,200 European Jews fled to the Philippines from 1937 to 1941, escaping the throes of the Nazis only to face another bloody war under Japanese occupation. Many of the Jews came from Austria and Germany, as the anti-Semitic policies including the Nuremberg race laws intensified.
The Verge: Incredible video shows how Space X plans to land largest rocket in the world
(The Verge) You know what's cooler than a gigantic rocket? A gigantic rocket that can land itself. Elon Musk's Space X released a new video this week demonstrating just what it plans to do with its upcoming Falcon Heavy rocket, which is set to launch for the first time later this year.
Aljazeera: Philippines mourns 44 slain officers
The Philippine president has pledged justice for the families of 44 police commandos killed during a botched anti-terror operation, that has threatened to derail a peace deal with Muslim rebels. President Benigno Aquino III promised grieving relatives on Friday that government forces would capture suspected bomb-maker Abdul Basit Usman, who escaped during Sunday's operation.
The Economist: Understanding Putin?s plans
The Russian president is stepping up both the war in Ukraine and his confrontational rhetoric against NATO and the West
Yahoo! News: New Saudi king announces major government shake-up
Riyadh (AFP) - Saudi Arabia's new King Salman further cemented his hold on power, with a sweeping shakeup that saw two sons of the late King Abdullah fired, and the heads of intelligence and other key agencies replaced alongside a cabinet shuffle.
Reuters: Philippines, Vietnam upgrade ties in show of unity against China
MANILA (Reuters) - "We believe a strategic partnership enhances the cooperation on a comprehensive basis," Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario said, adding that the strategic partnership with Vietnam would be Manila's third, after the United States and Japan.
Business Insider: 10 Things We Learned From Elon Musk This Week
Tesla Motors' first all-electric SUV, the Model X, will be unveiled later this year. Tesla is also working on its affordable car design, the Model 3, which will start around $35,000 before incentives.
BusinessWorld: Nearly 5,000 Filipinos left the Philippines daily from 2010-2013
Between 10 million and 12 million Filipinos live and work overseas. With the average Philippine family comprising five members, that means at least half the population could depend on a relative working overseas sending money home to feed, clothe and educate their families.
CBSNews: 8 tips to stop annoying robocalls
Many automated calls are becoming more frequent and more infuriating. Weren't they supposed to be banned? Yes,says the Better Business Bureau, but that hasn't happened in practice.
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