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The Diplomat: Philippines Announces $2 Billion Defense Expansion
Amid concerns emerging from a rising China in the South China Sea, the Philippines? government announced its intention to spend $2 billion on defense procurement by 2017.
CBSNews: The most dangerous types of toys for kids
The study, published Monday in the journal Clinical Pediatrics, found ride-on-toys -- including scooters, wagons, tricycles and motor-powered kiddie vehicles such as Barbie Jeeps -- are responsible for a growing number of children's injuries and emergency room visits.
BBC: Why Texas is closing prisons in favour of rehab
Far from having to build new jails for the 17,000 expected new inmates, Jerry Madden and his colleagues have succeeded in closing three prisons.
Bloomberg: Ukraine IT Brigade Supports the Troops
IT experts across Ukraine have been an important part of the volunteer effort to supply the army with equipment. Now the troops are equipped with foreign-made drones and homegrown ones built in workshops across the country.
The Motley Fool: Social Security: 5 Facts You Must Know
Although most people expect Social Security to be there for them when they retire, they could be wrong ? and by then it might be too late.
CBSNews: At U.N., North Korea loses key vote on crimes against humanity charges
A key committee of the U.N. General Assembly agreed to urge the Security Council to refer the leaders of North Korea to the International Criminal Court for prosecution for crimes against humanity. The final vote was 111 in favor of the action and 19 opposed, with 55 countries abstaining.
NBCNews: Philae Lander Makes Historic Touchdown on Comet
After a suspense-packed, seven-hour descent, the European Space Agency's Philae lander made an unprecedented touchdown on the surface of a comet Wednesday ? marking the high point of a $1.3 billion, 10-year mission.
BBC: US and China leaders in historic greenhouse gas emissions pledge
China and the US have unveiled new pledges on greenhouse gas emissions, as the leaders of the two countries met for talks in Beijing. China did not set a specific target, but said emissions would peak by 2030. It is the first time China, the world's biggest polluter, has set an approximate date for emissions to peak.
CNN: We're growing bacteria in space, and they could help us create new vaccines
(CNN) -- Manned space missions bring with them a plethora of challenges to keep astronauts alive and healthy, especially on long-duration space missions. The key to an astronauts' wellbeing has been found, somewhat contradictorily, to be a group of tiny organisms -- bacteria.
Smithsonian: Why Are Finland Schools Successful?
The transformation of the Finns? education system began some 40 years ago as the key propellent of the country?s economic recovery plan. By 2006, Finland was first out of 57 countries (and a few cities) in science. In the 2009 PISA scores released last year, the nation came in second in science, third in reading and sixth in math among nearly half a million students worldwide.
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