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Yahoo! News: Stressed-out Hong Kongers seek better life in Taiwan
Squeezed by soaring rents, cramped living conditions, and unease over their city's political future, increasing numbers of Hong Kongers are leaving to seek a better life in neighbouring Taiwan.
The Guardian: Japan plans largest ever defence budget to counter China's reach
Japan?s defence ministry has requested its biggest ever budget to bolster its ability to protect outlying islands in response to China?s growing military reach in the region.
Reuters: Philippine Airlines to purchase or lease Boeing, Airbus planes
(Reuters) - Airbus Group SE and Boeing Co are competing for contracts to supply Philippine Airlines Inc (PAL) with eight wide body, twin-engine aircraft, PAL's president said on Thursday. The acquisition or lease of the fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350 XWB aircraft is a result of a strategic review after Philippines' fourth richest man Lucio Tan took over the carrier last year.
The Guardian: China may fear reputation damage more than military threats over South China Sea
Ashley Townshend: The key to dissuading China from militarising its outposts is to identify stakes that are important to Beijing and impose credible costs in these areas in a coordinated way. Targeting China?s international reputation is a good place to start. Despite popular misconceptions, Beijing is actually extremely concerned about maintaining a positive image.
Yahoo! News: Philippines seeks US help to protect troops in disputed sea
(AP) ? The Philippine defense chief said he asked the visiting U.S. Pacific commander on Wednesday to help protect the transport of Filipino troops and supplies to Philippine-occupied reefs in the disputed South China Sea by deploying American patrol planes to discourage Chinese moves to block the resupply missions.
CNN: Despair to dark humor: Investors react to China stock market plunge
(CNN)Chinese investors again experienced a roller coaster ride on Tuesday. After the Shanghai Composite tanked by more than 8% yesterday, earning it the nickname 'Black Monday', the index dropped sharply again for a second straight day, falling by over 7%. That puts the index a whopping 42% from its peak in June.
Chicago Tribune: Philippines becomes regional star as gloom descends around Asia
The economy expanded 5.7 percent last quarter from a year earlier, according to a Bloomberg survey before data due Aug. 27. That would be an improvement from 5.2 percent expansion in the first three months, although slower than 6.1 percent in 2014. Indonesian and Malaysian growth slowed to 4.67 percent and 4.9 percent, respectively, last quarter, while Thai gross domestic product increased 2.8 percent.
Wall Street Journal: China Economy Sputters Into Second Half of Year
William Kazer: Exports in July slid 8.3% from a year earlier, reversing a gain of 2.8% in June, customs data released Saturday showed. Imports fell for the ninth month in a row, dropping 8.1%, after a decline of 6.1% in June.
Huffington Post: Popularity and the Making of Presidents
Richard Javad Heydarian: Philippine elections are sometimes more like a beauty pageant than a serious public affair. It is mostly about selecting motherhood statements, (numbing) jingles, and catchy buzzwords, which will resonate among voters. Not to mention, the power of family names -- especially in a country that sometimes looks more like a collection of little kingdoms and unruly dynasties under a weak emperor, rather than a modern, egalitarian society.
ABCNews: Obama Warns 'Some Form of War' Inevitable if Iran Nuke Deal is Blocked
President Obama warned that if Congress blocks the Iran nuclear deal next month, it would result in "some form of war."
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