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AFP: Obama warns China against 'throwing elbows' in sea dispute
(AFP) - US President Barack Obama on Monday weighed in on territorial disputes in the South China Sea, urging regional powers, particularly China, to respect the law and stop "throwing elbows."
Forbes: War Clouds Over South China Sea As U.S. Declares Right To Waters And U.S. Warship Arrives At Subic
Donald Kirk: While Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was in Singapore vowing that U.S. planes and ships would go wherever they wanted in international waters WAT -0.71%, the U.S. navy missile cruiser Shiloh was hoving into view at the historic Subic Bay port northwest of Manila.
Reuters: Vietnam says reports of China artillery on reclaimed land 'bad sign'
(Reuters) - Vietnam's deputy defense minister said on Saturday that reports China had placed mobile artillery weapons on a reclaimed island in the disputed South China Sea were, if true, a very worrying development.
AFP: US hits out at China over sea reclamation, vows more patrols
(AFP) - The United States on Saturday called for an immediate end to China's intensifying reclamation works in the South China Sea and vowed to continue sending military aircraft and ships to the tense region.
Yahoo! News: Aquino: Philippines to fly usual routes over disputed reefs
(AP) ? Philippine aircraft will continue to fly their usual routes over disputed reefs in the South China Sea, the country's president said Monday, defying China's challenges to its planes and those of the United States.
National Interest: China's Lethal Bombers Fly Over Japanese Strait
China?s Air Force conducted its first-ever drill in a strategic strait near Japan on Thursday. The location of the latest drill is almost certain to unnerve Japanese officials. To begin with, the flyover was near the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, which Japan administers but China contests.
National Interest: Time for America to Get Tough with China
Joseph A. Bosco: In China?s revanchist quest to upend the regional and global order, its ?Great Wall of Sand? is creating not only new facts on the ground, but actual new ground, expanding Beijing?s territorial reach and its 12-mile sovereignty ?rights? into international waters.
Fox News: US warns China not to challenge military flights over South China Sea
The U.S. warned China Thursday against confronting U.S. aerial patrols over the South China Sea days after a verbal dispute between a Chinese military dispatcher and a U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft.
BBC: China's Island Factory
New islands are being made in the disputed South China Sea by the might of the Chinese state. But a group of marooned Filipinos on a rusting wreck is trying to stand in the way.
Reuters: U.S.-Asia amphibious forces gathering signals nudge to China containment
(Reuters) - Military commanders from Japan, Australia, the Philippines and 20 other mostly Asia-Pacific nations huddled around a large tactical map, poring over satellite images in readiness for an amphibious raid on Hawaii's most populous island Oahu.
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